New Frontispiece

Check out our Frontispiece in Small showing wetting-controlled localized functionalization of nanopores.


Welcome New Postdoc

We welcome Maleknaz Mirdamadi Esfahani as new Postdoc in our group. She is working on antifouling strategies for membranes funded by a Wiedereinstiegsstipendium of the TU-Darmstadt.


New Publication

Our second article on functional templates for in-situ mesopore functionalization has been published. Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the group of Prof. M. Gallei and congratulations to Nicole!


Welcome New Postdoc

We welcome Robert Lehn as new group member. He will support us with high resolution fluorescence microscopy.


New Publication

New Joint Publication on polymer grafted from MXene surfaces together with the group of Christina Birkel at ASU.


Meet us at Zsigmondy Colloquium 2020

Maria Ochs will present insights into her work on local placement of functional polymers in inverse opal monolayers at the 16th Zsigmondy Colloquium in Düsseldorf, Germany, in March 2020.


Welcome New Postdoc

We welcome Samet Varol as a new Postdoc. He will work on new approaches to control transport through nanopores.


Welcome New PhD student

We welcome Laura starting her PhD with us. Laura will work on understanding proton transport in mesoporous silica membranes.


Welcome New PhD student

We welcome Lucy starting her PhD with us. Lucy will work on 3D-Printing of mesoporous materials.