ERC StG „3D-FNPWriting“

3D-FNPWriting will reduce the performance gap between natural and technological membranes based on significantly increased 3D nanolocal control on nanopore structure and asymmetric nanoscale functionalization as well as on membrane architecture and composition. Key to this advanced membrane design is the nanolocal asymmetric functional and hierarchical structural control in nanopores and their membranes. This will be achieved by implementing a technology platform based on 3D printing and high resolution microscopy initiated functional polymer writing. With this disruptive technology platform 3D-FNPWriting will provide groundbreaking, to date unachieved, selective, directed transport with tuneable rates in artificial nanoporous membranes. This will allow to experimemtally correlate nanolocal structure and functional placement with transport and will open new perspectives in membrane performance supporting water and energy management for future smart industry/ homes.

Currently involved team members: Claire Förster, Lucy Zhao, Matthias Kremer, Robert Lehn, Dieter Spiehl, Dominik Richter