SFB 1194

Our project within the collaborative research center „Interaction between transport and wetting processes“examines the transport of charged molecules in solution through nanometer scale pores and explores the interaction with the wetting characteristics of the substrate. In this context, the understanding of macro- and nanoscopic wetting is a first step for manipulating transport processes. In particular, the influence of the ions in solution on the charged pore walls and the effect on contact line dynamics will receive special attention. Specific links to both generic configurations, to MD modeling, and to all projects using porous surfaces are important. Potential application are found in the separation, sensor technology or molecule release. Even boiling processes can be influenced by mesoporous surface coatings.

Currently involved team members: Lisa Balonier

Funding: SFB


Controlling surface chemistry to understand and manipulate water infiltration and molecular transport in mesopores. Image: A. Andrieu-Brunsen