DFG Project

Selektiv adressierbare Grenzflächen in Papier (finished)

The proposed project aims to specifically design especially nanopores in paper. Their influence on paper properties such as capillary fluid- and molecular transport will be systematically understood and controlled. In this context the proposed project will I) correlate the cellulose fiber characteristics (morphology, length, fiber wall thickness, …) to mesopore formation using sol-gel chemistry, II) prepare paper from pre-functionalized cellulose fibers with defined mesopore structure and functionalization and evaluate them with respect to mechanical stability and their application potential in dependence of functionalization, fiber composition and distribution and medium term with respect to fiber type.

Currently involved team members: Joanna Mikolai

Formerly involved team members: Nicole Rath

Collaboration with PAK-962

Funding: DFG


Silica Coating of Cellulose Fibers, Image: A. Andrieu-Brunsen